Chess Pieces, Chess Sets, Chess Boards, Chess Computers, Chess Clocks

ChessBaron is the premier UK chess store for a one-stop chess selection. From the finest sets of chess pieces to a very good range of economy sets. We also have chess computers, chess boards (obviously - how else could you play with the pieces?), chess clocks and everything else 'chess'.

At ChessBaron we wanted to do something different. We were the first UK company to bring innovative chess designs to the UK market which had previously only been available in the USA.

Chess is good for the mind and is good for the development of children. Chess for schools is a growing way to bring the rigour of the analytical game to the classroom and has already seen excellent results in many educational centres. Can we help you in your choice? ChessBaron is committed to furthering the game of chess and in bringing greater choice to the market.

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